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The Past

The Huasteca region, in northeast Mexico,  encompasses mountains, rivers, lagoons, a broad coastal plain, a diverse mix of indigenous people, and ancient ruins long forgotten.

A centuries old map of  pre-Conquest lore of the Chichimecs offers clues to archaeologists today.

Archaeologist Charles Higham has spent thirty years revealing Southeast Asia’s distant past.

The Hunt for evidence of slavery in the North.

A muddy dig in the Corinthian coastal plain yields the remains of an ancient Greek city swallowed by the sea.

How an ingenious former fashion photographer managed to capture on film the mind and spirit of the ancient Maya.

Merle Greene Robertson has spent a lifetime chronicling Mesoamerican Art.

Jungle surveyors in Guatemala uncover the breadbasket of the Maya world.
Ancient trees redefine the past.

By reading the rings of pines as old as the earliest pharaohs, Henry Michael has changed the way we look at the past.

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